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About The Game

This is an interactive gaming app which allows players to exchange

their points collected in the game to real coupons in stores.

Prerequi-site of exchanging for real coupons is that the player must

be at the physical location of the shop. Our target customers are

young people who would like to game and gain real benefit out of their

points earned, and merchandisers who would like to attract physical

passenger traffic to their stores and promote their products. The

merchandisers would be able to publish the geographic location,

coupons and advertising material of their campaigns on our web portal

for merchandisers which would be auto-matically updated to the app.

The end user app would be free to download at app stores.

Key Features

  • Select Campaign Mode
  • Gaming Mode
  • Exchange for Coupon Mode
  • Redeem Coupon Mode
  • Competition Mode
  • Equipment Collection
  • Time up Coupon
  • Coupon Market
  • Teamwork Mode